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Extra Life Saves Lives!

We are less than 4 weeks away from the start of Extra Life! Game Day is set for Saturday November 7th!

Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming event that helps raise funds for sick or injured kids. Register today at

Already, more than 20 people in the Erie area have started raising funds for kids, while playing games. What better way to make the community bigger and stronger than asking your friends to join you?

Becoming a Team Captain is easy to do (even though you are already registered to game!) Once you have logged into your Extra Life account, you can join or create a group, and from there you even have the ability to send out updates on your team, and even ask people to donate to your team- how easy is that?

Creating a team at is as easy as signing up individually and you can often raise more for the cause by creating some friendly competition among your friends. Most people enjoy playing games together anyway and Extra-life teams, like multiplayer gaming, are not restricted by geography! Play at home with friends over, or with friends online, either way the more people involved, the more good we can do!

Creating a team is a great way to not only become more involved and have a larger impact for kids at AHN Saint Vincent’s, but is a great way to have more fun by getting your friends and family involved and participating!

For the Kids!