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Meet our 2019 Miracle Family!

Meet Kaylee Machinski, our 2019 Miracle Child!


Kaylee Machinski was born on October 7, 2005 at 25 weeks gestation. She weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce and was 13.75 inches long. Due to her tiny stature and various complications, she was hooked to multiple machines, connected to IVs, underwent multiple blood transfusions and had to be revived several times. When she was a week old, it was determined she had a brain bleed. Extra fluid was removed from her brain by inserting needles into the top of her tiny head, until she was old enough to have a VP shunt put in after she was 2 months old. Unable to eat naturally throughout the first six weeks, Kaylee was fed through a feeding tube. On day 16, Kaylee’s parents were finally able to hold their fragile baby girl. After 71 long and frightening days, Kaylee was released from the NICU.

Kaylee had to return to the hospital two weeks later because her shunt was infected and needed replaced. The shunt has been replaced 3 additional times throughout Kaylee’s life. Due to the complications of Kaylee’s brain development, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and hydrocephalus. These affect the left side of her body and her eyesight, leaving her to need glasses before the age of one. Kaylee later underwent surgery to extend the muscles in her left leg. She attends frequent doctor’s appointments to monitor her growth, tightness in her left side and her VP shunt.

Kaylee is now 13 years old and tries to live every day to its fullest. She has participated in the Special Olympics for several years. Kaylee is a hockey enthusiast and loves country music!