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Nora’s Story

Baby Nora was born healthy and happy to loving parents, Kieth and Ginny Krise.

Nora’s parents and big brother

Moments after birth, however, Nora stopped breathing. After a few terrifying moments, Nora was revived and taken with care to the NICU here at St. Vincent Hospital.

Nora in the NICU

Thanks to the efforts of the NICU nurses, and the support of the Children’s Miracle Network, Nora was kept healthy and smiling from then on. Now, Keith and Ginny speak with relief about the incident, “In those terrifying moments, the heroic efforts of the NICU personnel with access to specialized equipment provided by funding from Children’s Miracle Network ensured that Nora was quickly resuscitated. We are forever grateful.”

Sibling time at last!


Nora’s family and some St. Vincent Staff